I'm Chechel.....  it's pronounced chee-chul. It's a nickname my family gave me which I have incorporated it into my art as my stamp of personalization, as it is unique to me. 

I began my art interests in high school while taking a darkroom photography class in the basement of a home with an incredible setup. It wasn't until college that I decided that art was going to be more than just a side creative outlet, and declared studio art my major at The University of Alabama. During my studies in photography, I began manipulating the photographs by cutting the images and creating 3 dimensional photography sculptures. While photography was my main concentration, after taking sculpture and drawing classes I began to explore more with paper textures, watercolor, drawing, and welding metals.

Graduating in 2009, I moved to Charleston, SC, and steered away from the darkroom/digital life and became consumed with ink drawings of patterns/textures found in nature. Each piece is then brought to life by "popping" the subject matter out of the paper. Much of my work today consist of fish, feathers, and leaves. I find the lines and repetitive patterns in nature to be artistic, rhythmic and therapeutic, and continue to look in many different areas for inspiration.


Plant life, Sea life, and Birds

Roald Dahl and illustrator Quentin Blake


M.C. Escher